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Our Team

P R Dilip, Founder


P R Dilip founded Impetus Wealth Management on 1st of December 1994. He has more than two decades of vast experience in the Indian Capital Market. His endeavor has been to ensure highest transparency and competence in all the businesses conducted by Impetus. A focused wealth management advisor, who believes in educating an investor before accepting his or her account under Portfolio / Wealth Management.

His emphasis has always been in an extensive Process-driven Investment approach and has a successful track record of having established such systems in the past. Identifying the right fusion of diversified asset classes is only the starting point of his meticulous Wealth Management process.

Effective Wealth Management entails coordinating a team of Experts to address the needs and wants of the clients.

At Impetus, he leads a Dynamic Team of Experienced Professionals with diversified expertise in the field of Investments and Wealth Management. Collectively, the team brings 100 years of rich experience and vast knowledge in Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Equity, Mutual Funds, Debt Products, Commodity, Life Insurance, Health Insurance & Estate Planning.

Investors who have been enjoying the benefits of being part of Impetus Family, would vouch for the fact that, the every team member at Impetus, meet their client without any presupposition about what financial products or services are appropriate for that individual. Utmost efforts are taken to understand what is important for that client and why. Only after understanding this most important factor, Impetus Team engages the client and take him/her through a process which is consultative to the core in identifying a suitable Financial Road Map.


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