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Portfolio Management Services

What is Portfolio Management ?

Portfolio Management is a SEBI registered investment management service. Depending on the risk profile of the investor, the Portfolio Manager constructs a portfolio of stocks. Stocks are picked, based on thorough research by a team of analysts. A team of portfolio managers and analysts track the market and the clients’ stock portfolio in order to manage risk and generate capital appreciation. Performance of the portfolio is reported on a continuous basis to investors to make operations hassle free and transparent.


Why Portfolio Management ?

Investors today face a bewildering array of options. While there are several investment avenues, equities have typically offered higher returns to investors. However, equity as an asset class poses a great challenge to select and manage. Most individuals are simply incapable of devoting enough time and developing adequate expertise to manage their equity assets optimally. Globalized economy has altered the market ecology, further complicating the decision making process. The rate of economic, political and technological change has been accelerating, leading to compressed business cycles and volatile stock markets. Portfolio Managers create and manage a unique portfolio of securities depending on the risk-reward profile of each individual client. Rationale for having a professional and trustworthy expertise in such an environment is very strong.


What in a nutshell do investors’ get ?

  • Personalized portfolio creation and monitoring depending upon your needs.
  • Better return on investments adjusted to risk taken.
  • Transparent system to know where exactly money is invested.
  • Savings on Time as well as Costs.
  • “Hassle free”, as there is a team of trained work force to look after various procedural requirements.


What are the advantages with Portfolio Management ?

  • Expert guidance and knowledge support to minimize the risk of market volatility.
  • It is a product which appreciates that each investor is different with respect to risk and return expectation unlike Mutual Funds.
  • Focused and disciplined approach towards investments.
  • Access to a broader picture in terms of economy, commodity cycle etc.