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About Us

Impetus is distinct…

Impetus makes a distinction as we correctly understand the binding between the Financial and Emotional Well-being of every individual. We also recognize the fact that, as the financial goals of each individual is different from another, the financial planning for each individual also got to be different and personalized.

Impetus Wealth Management was established in 1994 with an objective of providing research based investment advisory services for institutional and individual investors. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved into a full-fledged wealth management company providing comprehensive investment solutions to nearly 2500 high-net worth clients across the globe.

“Geography is History” in true sense for the client’s of Impetus, as they experience a hassle-free investment environment irrespective of their resident status. “Your Account” on our website provides comprehensive & up-to-date details about the investments under our management for each investor.


Decisions not based on myths & general assumptions…

Investors would be ill-served if focus is on individual investments rather than life goals. Moreover, general assumptions and decisions taken with peripheral evaluation about any investment product or asset class is equivalent to gambling. The merits and demerits of each investment product/asset class need to be evaluated only after arriving at a conclusion about what is suitable for an individual.


Holistic approach…

Unless a holistic approach is adopted in planning the investments, the investor would seldom achieve their financial goals. Educating the investor about the need-based financial planning rather than trend-based investments is most essential. As what is in trend today may not help an investor to achieve his/her financial or life goals going forward.

Actual needs or financial goals of the investor need to be ascertained as the first step.

Meticulous evaluation of the resources, aspirations and risk appetite of an individual before making any major investment decisions is the second step.

One has to remember that emotional, personal and spiritual factors also need to be taken into consideration along with financial resources while making financial planning for any individual. Financial well-being alone can not make an individual happy unless it is matching and coinciding with other aspirations of that individual.

Investors often demand performance benchmark related to their investments but very few demand or even look at the performance benchmark related to the successful achievement of their overall planning objectives. An investor with proper financial planning would hardly be worried about the volatilities of the markets as the well thought-out strategies would enable a smooth sailing in troubled waters.


Asset Allocation based on client profiling…

The process of discovering the suitability of investment products/asset classes for an individual is nothing but asset allocation based on detailed client profiling. It is an extensive process which enables both the investor and the wealth manager to understand the financial gerontology of that investor.

Regular wealth check-up is as essential as health check-up…..

We need to bear in mind that wealth management is an ongoing process until the investor achieves his/her financial goals. It requires periodical review of the portfolio of investments and fine-tuning of asset allocation based on the changes in the investor’s profile or overall environment in the world of investments.
We all, as individuals spent years in building up a good saving…it would be desirable to spend quality time while making plans for the investments of this hard-earned savings.

What’s the real challenge…?

Getting access to different financial products or execution of the trade are no more big challenges for any investor. However getting an unbiased “Financial Road Map” based on individual’s aspirations is the need of the hour.


How can Impetus help…..

At Impetus, we encourage Investors to develop good Investing habits which in turn help them to overcome two major hurdles in any investment decisions: Greed & Fear. Given that we do not have a “sales culture” in our organization, we are in a position to take an un-biased investment decisions on behalf of the investor keeping his/her financial goals in mind. While our investors are fully occupied in their respective core profession, Impetus takes utmost care in managing their Investment Portfolios with highest levels of transparency, efficiency and accountability.