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True wealth management is a highly painstaking but equally rewarding process. As a first step, we assist our patrons to clearly define:

  • Financial Goals

  • Time Frame

  • Risk Appetite

  • Available resources

Based on the result of our exhaustive client-profiling process, we suggest suitable portfolio of assets to the respective investor keeping the key aspects in mind, such as capital preservation and Reasonable Growth. Once the investor understands and accepts our investment philosophy & process, we welcome him/her to the family of Impetus. The long journey begins there..


Equity :

We have a state of the art Equity Desk, which is well-manned and well-equipped for investors to transact on all listed Equity shares on Indian Stock Exchanges.


Wealth Management Service :

Wealth Management is a holistic and integrated approach to managing personal finances. It is designed to create, grow and protect wealth. It is a customized, comprehensive and hassle free way to manage savings.


Portfolio Management Service :

Shares & Money of the PMS account holders are maintained under separate Depository & Bank Accounts in the respective client’s name with the custodian bank

  • Minimum Investment for opening a Portfolio Management Account
    Rs. 25 Lacs

  • Additional amount can be invested under the same account at any point of time in multiples of Rs. 1 Lac minimum

  • No lock-in period – you can withdraw the funds partially or fully at any point of time

  • We do not charge any entry / exit / processing fee for PMS

  • Management fee would be charged proportionately at the end of every quarter and performance based incentive to be charged at the end of the year only. (Please contact us for the details)

  • Once your PMS account is activated, you can view the details of your Portfolio on the website/email or we can send the report by courier on a monthly basis to your address

  • Audited statement of accounts would be send to each Portfolio Account holder at the end of the Financial Year


Mutual Fund Advisory Services :

Mutual Funds are managed by highly skilled professionals. Depending on the clients risk and investment horizon mutual fund schemes are recommended to the investor.


Transactional Platform :

Investors from time to time feel the need to have one financial broker to transact in various financial products. We offer transaction platform for all financial products under one umbrella.


Life Insurance :

Invariably, individuals are either under-insured or over-insured. Our Endeavour is to ensure that our patrons are correctly insured based on their personal profile.


Health Insurance :

Ever increasing cost of Medical Treatments is becoming a formidable challenge. A good Health Insurance Cover for each family member has become most essential in today’s scenario. We can guide you to obtain a suitable Health Insurance Cover.


Estate Planning :

One of the most essential part of comprehensive Wealth Management. We can assist you to prepare a Legally valid Will to ensure that all your assets are transferred to your rightful inheritor/s without any complications when the need arises.
If a person does not make a Will before his/her death, the law of the land will determine who gets his/her assets based on the respective / applicable personal law.

A legally binding will should :

  • Enable smooth transfer of all your assets to the people and organizations you choose.

  • Assign/ name a guardian to care for your minor children (if any) if you can’t

  • Assign / name someone to manage property you leave to minor children (yours or someone else’s), and

  • Names your executor the with authority to make sure that the terms of your will are carried out.

Portfolio Management based on Shariah Law :

Shariah is Islamic canonical law, which observant Muslims adhere to in their daily lives. Shariah has certain strictures regarding finance and commercial activities permitted for Muslims. It prescribes a set of criteria which needs to be satisfied before a Muslim investor or institution can invest in the equity of a given company. From the view point of Shariah law, businesses such as those dealing in pork, alcohol, gambling, conventional financial services, media or advertising, tobacco, pornography, music etc are non-permissible for investment. Furthermore,companies have to be screened so that they satisfy certain accounting ratio restrictions.

We have designed & constructed portfolios suitable to the investors adhering to Shariah Law.


Portfolio Management based on Principles of Jainism :

Impetus is sensitive to the sentiments of our investors who practices faith-based & socially responsible investing. We live-up to this by Excluding the Sectors & Companies that are deemed unacceptable due to the nature of their business activities and operations. Principle of Jainism emphasises on “Ahimsa”. We avoid sectors & Companies like Hatcheries, Breweries, Hotels, Animal Testing & Genetic modification of agriculture products etc under this segment of our Portfolio.