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Health Insurance

The concept of Health Insurance came in existence after “Insurance” became formalized in British Law in early part of 20th Century. Protecting the policy holder against “Lost Earnings” due to any unfortunate events was the prime objective rather than covering the “Cost of Treatment”.

Why do we need Health Insurance ?

In the bygone era, the cost of medical treatment and medicine was not very expensive and the Governments of the developed nations took care of the basic health care of their citizens, complex Health Insurance Policies were not in prevail. As the time changed, more sophisticated medical treatment facilities and medicines were invented, the cost of medical treatment also became more expensive.

People could not depend alone on the health care provided by the respective governments as there were many new treatments and medicines which were not available under the government sponsored health cover schemes and began seeking other alternatives to ensure adequate health care & treatments. The Complex Health Insurance Policies available today to the consumers began its evolution then.

Though the developed nations have well organized and well evolved Health Insurance Industry, in India, we are still in the formative years in this field. When you compare the percentage of population adequately covered for proper health care in India with other developed nations, we realize that we are still in the infancy stage. More awareness needs to be created, more number of professionals needs to play an important role in guiding the consumer to identify and opt for appropriate Health Insurance Cover for himself/herself and his/her family.

At Impetus, we have taken a serious initiative to create awareness among our investors about the need for an adequate Health Insurance Cover. We educate and enable our investors to opt for an appropriate health insurance cover, because Health is Wealth!