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Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management is a holistic and integrated approach to managing personal finances. It is designed to create, grow and protect wealth. It is a customized, comprehensive and hassle free way to manage savings.

Why is Wealth Management essential ?

A long term success in protecting and growing your personal finance is not achieved purely by random selection of investment products from a broker or an agent as and when you have available cash and selling such products when in need of cash. Rather, a successful investment program must take into account:

(1) your investment attitude

(2) your position in life cycle and

(3) the behavior of the securities market over short and long run.

It means constantly evaluating your changing needs and acquiring deep expertise across various financial products to choose and monitor them.

The Wealth Management services of Impetus help implement such potentially successful investment program. It is a process that concludes as a highly personalized service. It is not a product, bought and consumed by clients. Rather it is a perpetual process that constantly renews as client needs change with passing time.

These objectives are achieved with a right combination of the following investment avenues:

  • Equity : Direct Equity, IPO, Mutual Funds, PMS, F&O
  • Debt : Mutual Funds, RBI Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Small Savings
  • Cash : Mutual Funds, ETF etc.
  • Insurance : Life
  • Commodities : Gold, Mutual Funds, Managed Account

What does it aim to deliver ?

Keeping in mind the client need and appetite it aspires to deliver the following basic investment objectives :

  • Create Wealth
  • Manage Liquidity
  • Risk Management
  • Be Tax Savvy
  • Plan for family needs
  • Retire in comfort